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Kingsmill Real Estate is known as one of the most reliable investments in Williamsburg. Homes for sale in Kingsmill are located in James City County near the Williamsburg City line.  All 2500 of the Kingsmill Homes have a Williamsburg address. Initially developed by Anheuser Busch in the early 70’s, this gated community offers the most luxurious living in Williamsburg. It has three PGA golf courses, numerous restaurants, a marina and tennis center. Kingsmill Homes for sale range from $300,000 to $3 million. The Kingsmill Resort just underwent a major renovation and consistently receives stellar ratings from AAA and other resort ranking services.  The Kingsmill Resort is now controlled by entertainment mogul, AEG.  The marina at Kingsmill was just remodeled and a new two level waterfront restaurant was constructed.  Kingsmill has always been known as a strong real estate investment and these upgrades will only solidify its place in the market.  Start searching Kingsmill Homes for Sale below!

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There are always a few Kingsmill homes available on the resale market.  Right now is a unique time for Kingsmill though.  There are 18 cottage style homes that will be constructed on the grounds formerly known as the Bray Links Golf Course.  This is some of the most picturesque land in James City County.  As you look at the picture on this page, the Cottages will be situated along the left edge of the picture.  Homes in this section will start around $800,000.  We have all of the information here at our office to help you find your dream home in Kingsmill.

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Kingsmill Golf

Kingsmill currently has 3 different golf courses all consisting of 18 hole tracts.  Just next door, the Kingsmill Resort attracts a variety of groups that visit the Kingsmill Conference Center each year.  For example, Barack Obama uses Kingsmill as his private retreat to prepare for debates during election years.  While both the Republican and Democratic leader use the Kingsmill Resort for meetings almost annually.  During these times, one of the courses is designated as a member course to assure that there is always one course that remains “private” for the members.  The River Course at Kingsmill is currently host to one of the LPGA Tournaments which is broadcast nationally each year on either ESPN or The Golf Channel.  The Plantation Course at Kingsmill offers the most opportunities to live on a golf course in this neighborhood.  Nearly the entire course borders single family homes in Kingsmill.  This is where legendary golfer Curtis Strange lived while playing on the PGA Tour.  The Woods Course at Kingsmill is built differently than any other golf course in Williamsburg.  There an no homes located on this course…thus the name, The Woods Course.  Although beautiful, most Realtors would prefer to have a few houses to sell on this incredible tract of land. Click above to keep up to date with all of the Homes for sale in Kingsmill.

Mike Grogan Sells Kingsmill