Williamsburg Tax Rates


Taxes on Real Estate in Virginia are compiled by the local municipality. The way that a homeowner’s tax burden is computed is based on the assessed value of the real estate in which he/she owns. For example, if the tax rate in James City County is 77, and the property is worth exactly $100,000, then the annual taxes would be $770. Another way to look at it is that for every $1000 of value, you pay $7.70 each year. Most Counties and Cities break up the payments on a bi-annual schedule.

James City County $0.77 PER $100

York County $0.6975 per $100

City of Williamsburg $0.54 per $100

New Kent County $0.70 per $100

Charles City County $0.68 per $100

Newport News $1.10 per $100